Connecting science, spirituality, and self-care to transform your life.


Melanie is so down to earth and offers so much information! She is a wealth of knowledge and I love how humble she is, which makes her so much more relatable. She has a plethora of topics and is always such a great listen!


I stumbled upon this new podcast which popped up as a suggested listen. It has been incredibly helpful and inspiring. Dr. Welch uncovers limiting beliefs and behaviors through interviews with a variety of professionals while also discussing her personal journey of self discovery. I appreciate that she doesn’t talk down to me but instead, takes me along on her explorations, sharing practical tools for personal growth. The episode on self compassion was especially valuable for me.

Maribelle S.

Fantastic podcast. Melanie knows her stuff and presents it in an approachable and helpful way. You’ll walk away from each episode with practical tools and valuable insight. A must listen each week!

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